Stiltz Residential Elevators

Stiltz Residential Elevators


Stiltz Residential Elevators is a manufacturer of as unique range of home elevators which has designed specifically for the home.

Unlike most traditional elevators for the home, the Stiltz Home Elevator is not powered by hydraulics so no separate machine room is required and does not need supporting walls.

Instead Stiltz has designed and manufactured a product that has self-contained dribe system that plugs straight into a regular 110v or 220v power outlet like a normal household appliance such as a toaster, kettle or microwave.

The residential elevator travels on self-supporting stilts so no major construction is needed. The Stiltz Home Elevator has the smallest footprint of its kind on the market, covering less than seven square feet of surface area and is easy to install as it comes in modular sections.

The Stiltz range includes the Stiltz Duo Elevator and Stiltz Trio Elevator - the latter can accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair.

Contact Information

  • 57 South Commerce Way
    Unit 300
  • Phone: 6104432282