Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

What Makes Us Different?

You get the owners with over 35 years experience doing the work, not some commission based employees or inexperienced rookies​.

We can do carpet cleaning without using your water and we carry an on board water softening system which will leave your carpet softer to the touch.​​

​We exercise great care and safety in your home, protecting corners and moving rugs just off the carpet to help prevent slipping.

​​We clean all open areas, under your furniture and scrub sideways along walls for a more thorough cleaning.

We ​​​post-treat the spots steam cleaning didn't remove with a special "rinses out" spotter.

​We leave your carpets dryer than most because we clean and do "dry" passes back and forth and not diagonally.

​​Some competitors with less experience and quality of service charge 2-3 times as much as we do because our prices are 50% lower than the recommended charges by the carpet cleaning Industry.

We do a deeper cleaning in heavily soiled traffic lanes with an RX-20.

We take the time to make sure the carpet cleaning is the best possible and we will come back if any spots come back or something was overlooked.

We "correct" previous over applications of spot cleaners that had left a soapy residue and was attracting soil.

We sanitize our cleaning tools between jobs so no germs are brought into your home.

We use "certified safe" cleaning agents, safe for the environment, children and pets

We provide numerous discounts for you to save money on our services.​​​​ See our Discounts button at the very top.

​​We provide a unique written guarantee that virtually assures you the best possible carpet cleaning at a much more affordable price than most.

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