New Century International

New Century International

At ‘Natural Home Rugs,’ we operate out of Beverly Hills, CA. We are one of America’s leading natural flooring distributers. Our array of high quality rugs is exceptional, elegant and extraordinary! From, beautifully hand- woven jute rugs, natural sisal rugs, to natural and eco-friendly seagrass rugs; we help you blend them all seamlessly, with your home décor! We not only help you build and customize your own rugs; but also, provide you with up to 60 percent discount on all our sale items! Our Free eBook on ‘Natural Fibre Rugs That Will Floor You,’ can be downloaded from our website. It helps you to know more about the fibres that our different rugs are made-up-of, and assists you on deciding the one that is perfect for your home! With us, you can be sure that -each of our rugs is “eco friendly” and “non-toxic.” We support “sustainable farming practices” and lay emphasis on high quality and durability. We understand, that decorating your hallways, stairwells, living rooms, wall spaces, corner areas and lounges, is not a simple job! That’s exactly why, we provide you with the luxury of creating your own custom rug! From round rugs, octagonal rugs, semi-circle rugs, hexagon rugs, oval rugs to hallway rugs-we treat all ‘custom area rug orders’ as exclusive, and deliver these, within 5-7 business days. To learn more about us, please visit, and

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  • 369 S. Doheny Dr., Suite #196, Beverly Hills
  • Phone: 323-582-4999


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