Moda Roof And Fence Company

Moda Roof And Fence Company

MODA Roof & Fence Company was founded many years ago as a fence installation and fence repair company called MODA Fence Company. Over the years MODA Roof Company quickly became one of the premier and best fence companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. We soon realized through our customers that they really wished we could also handle their roof installations. What our customers were telling us was, when they had damage from storms and filed a insurance claim they would have to hire multiple companies to fulfill their insurance claim. Well the owners were a little concerned that they could not make the process a little easier for their customers so they put their heads together and decided to try and make their customers lives just a little more easier.

At this point MODA Roof & Fence Company had a sister born, MODA Roof Company. Just as MODA Roof & Fence Company did MODA Roof Company quickly became one of DFW's Top Roofing Companies installing hundreds upon hundreds of roofing systems for DFW residence and business owners. MODA Roof & Fence Company is now a leader in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.

Today we are simply called MODA Roof & Fence Company. This has allowed us to continue to grow and available to provide our customers with all kinds of services. MODA Roof & Fence Company offers over nine service lines and can assist homeowners and business owners with just about every structural project they can dream up.

We encourage potential customers to check us and our other companies MODA Fence Company and MODA Roof Company out online and see what our previous and current customers are saying about us.

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  • 3592 FM 2181
  • Phone: 972-695-8242


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