Energy Egghead: Intelligent Energy Solutions

Energy Egghead: Intelligent Energy Solutions

At Energy Egghead, we believe an energy audit is your first and best step to a more energy-efficient and comfortable environment—whether home or business. Through careful analysis, we can help you prioritize your improvement dollars and spend them where you’ll get the most return for your dollar. Energy Egghead’s philosophy of “keeping the customer informed” and our belief in “energy conservation first” combine to help people conserve energy while saving money. For Homeowners, we provide meticulous home improvement services, whether you need air sealing or insulation. We use the method that is right for your particular situation—no pink jumpsuits or one-size-fits-all solutions! You may need small leaks caulked or big ones repaired with professional carpentry skills; you may need blown-in cellulose in your knee walls or spray foam in your basement. Energy Egghead’s professionally trained and licensed staff will handle your situation. Click HERE to read about energy savings if you heat your home with oil. For Builders and Developers, along with our other services, Energy Egghead offers Home Energy Ratings Systems (HERS) ratings (also called a HERS score or index) and complete building envelope performance analysis. For Commercial Building Owners, Sustain Energy is our commercial, institutional, and industrial building division that specializes in turn-key services for building owners.

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